Virtual Escape Room

I’m proud to announce that the new “virtual escape room”, Escape the Board Game has been created and tested. This is designed for teams of 2-6 teens and adults. It will also give you a chance to compete with other groups. All games will have an active gamemaster and should take about 60-90 min to complete. We will be offering this at $100 for up to 90 min. We plan on creating leaderboards as well. Because we use zoom and cell phones, you can compete against multiple teams at once. We will hold head to head competitions for $150 for 2 teams. All you need is a computer, printer, pencil, pen, scissors, and sharp wits to participate. Let’s bring fun to people that are stuck inside. I hope you can share this post to help other families and groups trying to keep their sanity during difficult times. You can call the A Touch Of Class DJ’s office at 508-229-0009 or message for more info or reservation times.